NATO Destroys Libyan TV

On 21st August 2011 NATO destroyed Libyan Television. NATO hopes to silence the Libyans so people of the world can not question the lies told in mainstream media such as SkyNews, BBC, CNN, the Washington Post and others.  We were alerted to the planned propaganda campaign as of August 17th via announcements from both Rayisse and Libyan TV.  See here:

Comparisons between the sites shown in the NATO media blitz and the actual landmarks show striking differences.  Discussions of NATO’s theatrics can be found here and here via Mathaba News.  Further discussion of the infamous Green Square “celebration” can be seen here via InfoWars. Independent journalist David Icke also documents the glaring discrepancies in the footage used on mainstream media via his site.  Media lies are exactly what started the war on Libya.

Until Libyan TV is back on the air, Al Rai television of Iraq is  transmitting for Libya. Rayisse is also helping as they have been from the start of NATO’s illegal war on Libya. Independent journalists also contribute via these channels and on YouTube.

On this site you will find updates from the Libyan government and independent journalists  about what is happening in Libya.

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