Update from Konstantyn an independent journalist covering Libya:

According to the leading Russian info sources, the head of French foreign ministry Alen Juppe considers that the UN must take a decision about stopping the NATO operation in Libya. He claimed that that the purpose of this operation was to overthrow Gaddafi’s dictatorship and save the civilians from his bloody repressions. NATO forces have provided the Libyan people with safety. To this day the task is completed and the Libyans are in safe.

This statement has only one healthy idea: it’s necessary to take NATO off Libya. Everything else said by Juppe, exactly about the Libyans’ safety is shameful lie and can’t match with thousands of evidences about victims of NATO and “democratic” rebels’ crimes in Libya. Do they really think that justly called “rats” rebels who dealt cruelly with every counter, shoot kids and rape women in every taken town can provide their countrymen with safety? It would be the same that to let Al Qaida members rule France, Juppe’s Motherland.

And under Gaddafi Libya was one of the safest and the quietest countries in the world. Now it’s time to put the question in UN about help to the legitimate power of Jamahiriya. Urgent help: weapons, goods, international support on all levels. As the situation shows, Jamahiriya can provide its citizens with safety unlike domestic and foreign agressors.


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