Update from Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:


Summary (translation):

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: “The world now sees what kind of crimes have been done against the Libyans. I want to say: Shame on the Arabs who supported those criminals and stayed silent in front of this injustice against us. Shame on all the journalists and the so-called intellectuals who haven’t even tried to come and see by their own eyes whether it was true or not that we’re persecuting our people.

Believe me, I have seen resistance in the eyes of the Libyans, and courage, and the strength to continue fighting in Beni Walid and in Sirte, no matter what NATO will do. These people know that they have the right to defend themselves and their land. Allah is with us and NATO won’t be able to bomb us forever. Once they stop and then we’ll come from everywhere and we’ll fight them as hard as possible.

Those criminals will never find peace, and the Free People from the World are with us, so we will keep resisting, we will resist and fight until death, whether we win or die. If we die, we die for the honour of our country.”

Journalist: “They said that Qaddafi’s troops have raped Libyan women, but in fact it appeared after that the NATO rats are the ones who raped the women of Libya. We know that there were many NATO soldiers from different countries. Can we see their pictures and find out from where they are?”

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: “Yes, 17 special forces that we caught are from France, two are from Britain and one from Asia, and the other is from Qatar. I’ll ask my friend and brother from Beni Walid for the pictures and hope insha’Allah to send the pictures to you so the world can see what is really happening here.”

Journalist: “Mr Ibrahim, some people wrote us and asked us to tell you to be careful with those special forces because they might be wearing bugs and they can localize you with satellites, so the best might be to take off their clothes to find out if there is anything suspicious.”

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: “Look my friend, I’m not a soldier, but tell them that our forces have a lot of experience and we know about this stuff, tell them not to worry, we’re dealing with such kinds of traps.

I want to finish this interview by telling the Libyan people and everyone who supports justice to be patient. Our forces are working and fighting and they occupy the whole desert and the rivers and they will free all the cities of Libya. But the Libyans should stay united and never accept the rats’ council as legitimate government. Refuse to deal with them and stay calm.

We will win, Allah is with us and this is our land.”


People of Tarhouna, Libya protest NATO “rebels” and show their support for their government:


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