Update from Colonel Qathafi:


We are fighting… march, our tribes … march toward Tripoli, keep heading toward Tripoli as your grandfathers did in the Battles … here is the battle again, the same battles as your fathers had, come men and women to clean Tripoli this time.

Every street and area in Tripoli should fight and never surrender, the enemy will be defeated, NATO will be defeated by Allah’s will, and the tribes which are outside of Tripoli should march to Tripoli and control the area too.

Imams, tell people to go on Jihad at the front lines, this is the hour for martyrdom or victory, advance everywhere, NATO will withdraw, NATO cannot continuous forever, to hell with NATO, those who rape your girls in your houses…

Don’t give in to colonization, march on Tripoli to those rats, kill them! You marched with millions before, now march with millions again but this time for fighting, don’t be afraid of bombing, of stun grenades, don’t hand over Tripoli!

Tribes will march from everywhere, take control of all mosques, rooftops, institutions, shops and fight from them, there will never be a secure place for those rats!

People are fighting everywhere, we are the vast majority! The tribes and people should march to Tripoli to protect it, women are fighting in the streets, we will never allow for our land to be for France, nor for Italy, we will never be a colony again, fight them!

Libya is for you, Tripoli is for you not for those agents who beg to NATO, those are agents not from Tripoli, those aren’t sons of Tripoli!

Men and women, go out, fight them, follow them, masses march now, from everywhere to Tripoli! Go ahead! Go ahead!


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