Update from @ForGaddafiAndHisPeople:

The Coming False Flag to Permit and Justify the Occupation and Destruction of Libya

The undeclared/silent war aimed at total elimination of Libyan people continues. They refused to serve former colonists. In 1969 Libyans reclaimed their freedom from Italian colonial subjugation and they will not give it up.

Since August 21st joint squads of NATO and Al-Qaeda with support of air force and marine artillery have been trying to gain control of Tripoli with continuous attempts to take over other Libyan cities. NATO’s strike force takes part in all attacks. Inspite of all abovementioned resistance, fascist aggression against Libya only increases.

NATO continues massive air strikes for total destruction of Libyan cities. The target is to wipe out entire population of Tripoli as a punishment for resistance. All this aggression is covered by western mass media. Recently two “media bombs” struck Libya: first about 50000 rebels in underground tunnels beneath Tripoli and second-about Gaddafi’s planned terrorist attack on September 1st

During guerrilla war when enemy air forces control all air space it is impossible to host so many fugitives and transfer them anywhere in the city. And, moreover, after all atrocities of NATO and Al-Qaeda murderers no one will capture them as hatred for killers and torturers is enormous even among mostly calm and peaceful people. NATO declared the collateral damage exactly as planned to show “Gaddafi regime atrocities”.

WWII started at September 1st 1939. Now seems that the war in Libya is transferring to another phase. Ramadan is over and Muslim people now can fight with the full strength. After that NATO and Al-Qaeda squads will be kicked out of these districts in Tripoli they still hold because those hitmen do not control the entire city. They only loot, destroy and kill. NATO simply gifted the city to looters by appointing Abdul Al-Khakim Belkhadge Tripoli’s military Governor. It is not a secret that this man is one of the heads of terrorist group closely linked to Al-Qaeda. But soldiers and officers of NATO themselves have responsibility for a fair share of the looting and killing. We know their capabilities thanks to reports from Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu-Greib and Guantanamo prisons.

NATO forced release from a Tripoli jail no less than 10000 inmates–triggermen and Criminals, supplied them with arms and set them to looting an murder of civilians, all the while crying that Tripoli was in havoc. It is one of the West’s leading war methods. They always fight this way-someone else does the dirty work as they foment and encourage their foot-soldiers in the selected victim-country. These criminals and snipers are lead by Al-Qaeda which was given a blank cheque via NATO cover and a media blackout enabling the armed gangs to butcher everyone in Tripoli. NATO encourages these actions which is a staple of NATO war doctrine and meant to terrorize the local inhabitants. NATO thinks that this will force Libyans to surrender and betray others. However, few surrender and both militias and the Army are combating NATO, successfully deceiving both NATO and Al Qaeda forces. Gaddafi,  his sons, and squadrons move all over Tripoli unseen by the NATO terrorists.

NATO is planning to commit a terrorist attack in Tripoli. What will it be? Carpet bombing or blowing up buildings? We will know on September 1, 2011. They will destroy the city and its civilians, and they will destroy Al-Qaeda militants in order to say this attack was committed by Gaddafi. One can wonder, whether Al-Qaeda militants know that their masters from the CIA would not hesitate to sacrifice them, that all who had been released from prison and went into town to rob and kill will be destroyed?

Did you know that a supposed terrorist attack in Tripoli by the Libyan army and militia is not at all possible? Unlike NATO, Gaddafi and his supporters will never kill innocent civilians. In fact, until now, despite the murders, not a single act of terrorism was enacted in Europe. Libyans can’t kill women, children and the elderly. Only those who call themselves civilized, can.

NATO stops at nothing to carry out the seizure of natural resources and territory of a once independent country. And only international support for this country can stop it. To triumph over NATO, fortitude and desire to win is enough, plus allying against this common enemy of humankind. Our voluntary participation in the war against the terrorist threat will help Libya to win and we will see what happens next.

I think that after all the crimes that are committed by NATO, NATO functionaries should be called warlords, as well as their soldiers and officers.  These are mercenaries and they are outside of the law, therefore they are legitimate targets for any reasonable person who wants to live in a free world, not a police state.

We are just beginning to realize the full scope of the Nazi aggression in Libya. The Libyan people have already tasted the delights of forcible western democratization of Africa: bombs and ethnic cleansing. And they said: “No!”

No pasaran! The enemy will not pass!

P. S.

As we learned from media reports NATO will try to get UN Security Council resolution to legitimize the present and further occupation of Libya under the pretext of Al-Qaeda seizing power.

Of course, NATO troops will not distract Al-Qaeda from slaughtering the local population after the resolution. Even now they actively cooperate with each other. NATO transfers all the captured Libyans into the hands of Al-Qaeda militants, who behead them to intimidate local residents. All of this is happening with the approval of NATO functionaries who think other people, besides Western Whites, are subhuman. This ideology has also infected their employees, including soldiers. That is why NATO troops commit grave crimes against humanity in all countries where they are present.

NATO should not get another UN Security Council resolution for the occupation and destruction of the Libyan people, under any pretext.


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